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Board Members

The Watermaster Board is a committee composed of one representative from each party to the Judgment. Each Party also appoints an alternate representative.  Each representative has the authority to cast a defined number of votes on any question before the committee.  The Board representatives, alternates, and number of votes are listed below:
Party Representative Alternate Votes
City of Claremont Jennifer Stark, Secretary Jeremy Swan 2
City of La Verne Shawn Igoe Richard Martinez 5
City of Pomona Chris Diggs, Vice President Steve Paz 5
City of Upland Tom Thomas, President John Robles 5
Golden State Water Company Ben Lewis, Treasurer Toby Moore 5
Pomona College Robert Robinson Anne Eisele 1
PVPA William McDonald Victor Preciado 2
San Antonio Water Company Teri Layton Tommy Hudspeth 1
Three Valleys MWD Brian Bowcock Jody Roberto 2